311 Service Requests - Customer Initiated

The dataset contains information on customer initiated service requests received by 311 Toronto. This data was collected from multiple channels including telephone, fax, email, online self-serve requests, mobile API and Twitter.

311 manages City divisional service request data for Solid Waste Management, Transportation Services, Toronto Water, Municipal Licensing & Standards, and Urban Forestry. 311 consulted with these participating divisions and subject matter experts for this dataset release.


  • Service Request Creation Date and Time - The date and time when a service request (SR) is created and submitted into a work management system of a respective Service Request Division.
  • Service Request Location - The readable description of location recorded for the service request. The location is recorded as the first three characters of the postal code of the service request (forward sortation area: FSA), or the street intersection of the location of the service request. The Open Data set only shows SRs which are validated in the City's GeoSpatial system. Such SRs would have either street address or intersection specified as a location.
  • Original Service Request Type - The readable name of the service request type also known as problem code name created by 311 Toronto on behalf of the customer. The 311 Contact Centre creates the request which is transmitted to the appropriate City division for action.
  • Service Request Status - The current status of the service request
  • Initiated - the service request has been received and assigned to the appropriate City division for review and action.
  • In Progress - The assigned City division is currently working on resolving the service request.
  • Canceled - A service request is cancelled for one of several reasons i.e., call is disconnected, caller doesn't wish to create the SR, caller calls back to cancel the request or the SR is created in error, etc.,
  • Closed - The appropriate City division has investigated the customer concern and has taken the necessary action to resolve the request.
  • Service Request Division - Represents the responsible 311 Integrated Service Division. Division shown in the Open Data shall correspond to the original SR type, regardless of subsequent SR type changes by the back-end divisions.
  • Service Request Section-Unit - Represents the section or unit within the responsible 311 Integrated Service Division.
  • Service Request Ward - Represents the readable description of the electoral ward name and number recorded for the service request. The Open Data System will display ward as follows: Ward Name, Ward Number.

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Field Value
Dataset Category Document
Refresh Rate Monthly
Collection Method 311 Service Request Open Data set is updated monthly. It is published on every 8th day of the month at 4:00 p.m., the data set include service requests from January 1 to the last day of last month in this year. The last service requested stamped should be 11:59 p.m. on the last day of last month.
Excerpt The dataset contains information on customer initiated service requests received by 311 Toronto. This data was collected from multiple channels including telephone, fax, email, online self-serve requests, mobile API and Twitter.
Limitations The dataset outlines the unique problem codes on customer initiated service requests received by 311 Toronto. * This data represents a small sample of overall City services. * All service requests represent about 30% to 35% of all contacts with 311 and this data is a subset of these 30% to 35% of contacts. * This data represents service requests in only 5 of 45 Divisions and not even all of the service requests in those 5 divisions (in some cases only 40%). * The 5 Divisions that 311 Toronto initiates service requests for are Municipal Licensing & Standards, Solid Waste Management Services, Toronto Water, Transportation Services, Urban Forestry (Parks, Forestry & Recreation). * The number and location of service requests will not be representative of the full range of services provided by the City. * Urban form and the types of service requests captured in the data will impact any geographic summary of results - for example some types of service requests (like curb side garbage collection) will be skewed towards those areas in the city that have mostly houses as opposed to apartments. * This data only represents service requests with a validated service request location against the City of Toronto's Geospatial Competency Centre. * The age of infrastructure in different parts of the city can influence results (for example water main breaks). * This data represents the service requests received by 311. All service requests do not necessarily result in service being provided by a division. The service requests are initiated from the customer's perspective based on description provided by the customer at the time of contact with 311. However, during the request fulfillment process, it could be determined that the customer's request may not be valid or may need to be adjusted. For instance, a customer may contact 311 to report garbage that was not picked up, however during the fulfillment process it is determined that their garbage was placed out for collection after 7 am rather than prior to 7 am therefore resulting in the criteria for garbage collection not being met. In another instance, a customer may request a tree trimming, however during the fulfillment process it may be determined that the tree is on private property and therefore not the responsibility of the City. * The original service request type is the one reported by the customer and recorded by the Customer Service Representative at the time of the SR creation. The SR type can later be changed by the back-end division, however, the Open Data System will show the original service request type. * Open Data Sets are published on a monthly basis with a one-week lag. When a new data set is generated every month, it will include all months from January 1st that year. Previous data file will be replaced by the new one every month until last extract for that year. After that, a new data file will be started for the New Year. * Data records are not filtered by status or by 311 service request type. Service requests for backend-only problem codes are not included in the data set. * The following service requests are not included in the Open Data Set: * The service requests that did not have a backend-only service type (Problem code) in the customer initiated service request but received it later, after (and if) the service type (Problem code) was changed by a division as a result of an inspection. * Service requests created by the back-end divisions. * Orphan service requests. These requests refer to those that were created by 311 but whose receipt was not confirmed by the corresponding back-end division. * Status of **Initiated** or **In-progress** SRs may be changing from one report to the next as the SRs move through their normal life cycle.
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