The Toronto bikeways dataset illustrates the existing cycling network across the city, including both shared and dedicated bikeways. A summary of the network status is available at

The Toronto bikeways dataset contains the following types of bikeways: cycle tracks, bicycle lanes (including buffered bike lanes and contra-flow bike lanes), neighbourhood routes with sharrows (including wayfinding sharrows), multi-use trails (including off-road and in-boulevard), as well as signed cycling routes.

There are two fields that reference the bikeway type because some streets have different infrastructure on each side of the roadway. "INFRA-HIGH" refers to the highest classified cycling infrastructure type installed on this segment. "INFRA-LOW" refers to the lowest classified cycling infrastructure type. The hierarchy is based on the quality and comfort of the bikeway type, with routes that are shared with vehicles as the lowest comfort, and the greater the separation / dedicated space, the higher the comfort and classification.

For example, on a contra-flow bike lane route with sharrows in the other direction, the highest classified cycling infrastructure type on this street is the contra-flow bike lane, and the lower order infrastructure is the sharrows. If the street has the same type of cycling infrastructure on both sides, then the input is the same for both "INFRA-LOW" and "INFRA-HIGH". If there is a bikeway on only one side of a street, the bikeway type is listed under "INFRA-HIGH", and the "INFRA-LOW" field is blank.

The "SHAPE_LENGTH" field identifies the length of the segment, which is measured in centreline metres.

Bikeways installed prior to 2001 are shown with an install year of 2001.

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