Community Council Boundaries Survey Results

This data set contains input from the Community Council boundaries consultation held between May 3 and May 27, 2018 by the City of Toronto. The purpose of posting this dataset is to create a record of the consultation and the public's views, in a respectful way without offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, and to protect the City from legal liability.

The data set has been reviewed to ensure that the content does not:

1. Contravene the City's policies or applicable laws related to anti-discrimination, human rights or privacy;

2. Include information that identifies an individual other than one acting in an official capacity, nor any comments that are personal attacks on someone's character, personal or business affairs, etc.;

3. Address an issue before the courts or outside of the City's jurisdiction, or comments on another organization or private company;

4. Contain unsubstantiated rumours or potentially libellous statements;

5. Contain obscenities, derogatory, insulting, offensive, violent or hateful language;

6. Include any email addresses, attachments, or web links.

In cases where such comments are found, only the language that contradicts the policy is removed by staff -- the remainder of the comments remains in the data set. The Community Council boundary feedback survey received 619 partial and complete responses and an additional four submissions by email. The purpose of the survey was to collect input on an Options Paper, which was developed by staff and provided information on Community Councils, highlighted three primary, and five alternative models, and asked what issues or considerations would support the selection of a final model for Council's consideration.

In addition to collecting information on a preferred model, the consultation sought public input on why one model was thought to be better than another, what geographic considerations would contribute to an effective Community Council, the impact changing the boundaries would have on respondents, and whether or not respondents had previously attended a Community Council meeting.

This survey is not a vote. Public and stakeholders opinions, along with technical and policy considerations will all be used to inform City staff recommendations and decisions to be made by City Council. The survey was available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Panjabi, Tagolog and Tamil.

A small number of survey responses (25) were received on paper and entered in by City staff. One Tamil response was received and translated into English for analysis. The data published here includes both complete and incomplete surveys.

Further explanation in the readme file and available on request.

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Excerpt Results of the Community Council boundary feedback survey, which was online for public input from May 3, 2018 to May 27, 2018.
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