COVID-19 Cases in Toronto

Toronto Public Health is responding to an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, in the context of an evolving global pandemic. This data set contains demographic, geographic, and severity information for all confirmed and probable cases reported to and managed by Toronto Public Health since the first case was reported in January 2020. This includes cases that are sporadic (occurring in the community) and outbreak-associated. The data are extracted from the provincial Case & Contact Management System (CCM).

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Excerpt Line-listed report of COVID-19 cases among Toronto residents, including demographic, severity, geographical, and epidemiological variables.
Limitations The data in this spreadsheet are subject to change as public health investigations into reported cases and continuous quality improvement initiatives are ongoing, and additional cases continue to be reported. **The data will be completely refreshed and overwritten on a weekly basis*, extracted at 8:30 AM on the Tuesday of a given week, and posted on the Wednesday. Please note that these numbers may differ from those posted elsewhere, as data are extracted at different times, and from different sources.
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