Mental Health Act Apprehensions

This dataset includes all Mental Health Act (MHA) Apprehensions pursuant to the Mental Health Act. Each event number is a distinct MHA Apprehension and this dataset is queried based on reported date.

MHA Apprehension types are as follows:

  • Section 15 (Form 1 - Physician - Application for Psychiatric Assessment);
  • Section 16 (Form 2 – Justice of the Peace – Order for Examination);
  • Section 17 (Police Officer’s Power of Apprehension);
  • Section 28 (1) (Form 9 - Elopee - Order for Return); and,
  • Section 33.4 (Form 47 - Community Treatment Order for Examination).

Note: Fields have been included for both the old 140 City of Toronto Neighbourhoods structure as well as the new 158 City of Toronto Neighbourhoods structure

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Excerpt This dataset includes all mental health apprehensions made by the Toronto Police Service.
Limitations A unique event number should not be interpreted as an apprehension of a distinct individual. An individual may have been apprehended multiple times under the Mental Health Act, with each apprehension recorded using a unique event number. The location of occurrences has been deliberately offset to the nearest road intersection node to protect the privacy of parties involved in the occurrence. Due to the offset of occurrence location, the numbers by Division and Neighbourhood may not reflect the exact count of occurrences reported within these geographies. The Toronto Police Service does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of the data and it should not be compared to any other source of crime data.
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