Police Race and Identity Based Data - Arrests and Strip Searches

This dataset includes information related to all arrests and strip searches. A strip search refers to a search conducted by a police officer on a person, which includes the removal of some or all clothing and a visual inspection of the body. The dataset also includes indicators of whether a person was booked at a police station within 24 hours following a particular arrest event. Due to issues with the booking template, there may be some records where a person was strip searched, but the data does not indicate a booking (i.e., value = 0); in those cases, the user should presume a booking took place.

The location of arrest is aggregated to the Division level and refers to where the arrest took place within Division boundaries. Users should not interpret location as the Division to which the arresting officer was assigned. For some arrests, the location could not be geo-coded or the arrest took place outside of City of Toronto boundaries in other jurisdictions; these are indicated by XX. The age of person arrested and/or strip searched is their age at the time of the arrest, as given to the arresting officer.

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Excerpt This dataset includes information related to all arrests and strip searches specifically related to the race and identity-based data collection (RBDC) strategy.
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