Police Race and Identity Based Data - Use of Force

This dataset contains summary table data of information from the provincial Use of Force Reports and occurrences that resulted in an enforcement action. The data used to produce these summary data comes from two sources: a) information about enforcement actions, such as calls for service types and occurrence categories, come from the Service's Records Management System and b) information related to reported use of force, such as highest types of force and perceived weapons, comes from the provincial use of force reports.

The data counts unique occurrences which resulted in a police enforcement action or incidents of reported use of force. Hence, there may be more than one person and more than one officer involved in enforcement action incident or reported use of force incident. Since the summary tables are of incidents, where there was more than one person, descriptors such as perceived race refer to the composition of person(s) involved in the enforcement action incident. For example, if the incident involved more than one person, each perceived to be of a different race or gender group, then the incident is categorized as a “multiple race group.”

For the purpose of the race-based data analysis, the data includes all incidents which resulted in a police enforcement action and excludes other police interactions with the public, such as taking victim reports, routine traffic or pedestrian stops, or outreach events. Enforcement actions are occurrences where person(s) involved were arrested resulting in charges (including released at scene) or released without charges; received Provincial Offences Act Part III tickets; summons; cautions; diversions; apprehensions, mental health-related incidents as well as those identified as “subject” or “suspect” in an incident to which an officer attended.

Reported use of force incident are those in which a Toronto Police Service officer used force and are required to submit a report under the Police Services Act, 1990. For the purposes of the race-based data analysis, it excludes reportable incidents in which force was used against animals, team reports, and incidents where an officer unintentionally discharged a Service weapon during training. Each reported use of force incident is counted once, regardless of the number of officers or subjects involved.

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