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This data is a GIS file that outlines the geographical area of all properties in the City of Toronto.

A note on property assessments:
MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) holds copyright on many aspects of data around properties. The City of Toronto is unable to provide this data. From the MPAC website:

MPAC 's range of services includes:

    • Preparing annual Assessment Rolls for use by municipalities and the Province to calculate property and education taxes.

Assessment Maps and Ontario Parcel (TM)

In 2005, MPAC, the Ontario Government and Teranet Enterprises Inc. completed the Ontario Parcel(TM) - an ambitious project that brings assessment, ownership and land parcel data for almost 4.6 million properties into a standardized digital database. ...

The Ontario Parcel(TM) is available to Ontario municipalities, public organizations and private businesses. Among other things, the Ontario Parcel(TM) data can be applied to property assessment and taxation, land registration, land use planning, land management and business planning.

With the implementation of the Ontario Parcel (TM) and the digital mapping environment, MPAC no longer produces paper assessment maps.

If you would like more information about the products and services available under the Ontario Parcel (TM), please visit the Ontario Parcel (TM) website at

You will need to contact MPAC directly for data that you may perceive as missing. MPAC website.

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Excerpt This data is a GIS file that outlines visually the geographical area of all properties in the City of Toronto.
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