Shelter Profile Information

  • SHELTER AND SECTOR - Shelter names grouped by sector (shelter type)
  • WARD LOCATION - Number of ward in which shelter is located
  • COMMUNITY COUNCIL - Community council identified by former Municipality (TORONTO EAST YORK - TEY) (NORTH YORK - NY) (SCARBOROUGH -SC) (ETOBICOKE YORK - EY)
  • HOURS OF OPERATION - includes access to day programs (24/7) or overnight only (ON)
  • SERVICE CONTRACT - Enhanced Case Management (ECM) or Basic Support Services (BSS)
  • EMERGENCY (ES) AND/OR TRANSITIONAL SHELTER (TS) - Shelter is Emergency Shelter (ES) or Transitional Shelter (TS)
  • MULTI-SERVICE/SITE SHELTER (MSC) OR STAND-ALONE (SA) - Shelter is either MultiService/Site Shelter or Stand-Alone facility
  • CITY LEASED FACILITY - MARKET RENT (MR) OR BELOW MARKET RENT (BMR) (entered for City-leased facilities only) - market rent or below_market rent
  • 2011 RECOMMENDED PER DIEM RATE - Recommended per diem rate for 2011

The dataset has been collected and made public to Council and on the City's Web Site.

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Excerpt This dataset is a tabular file that outlines for each shelter its type, location by ward and former municipality, hours of operation and the 2011 recommended per diem rate.
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