Topographic Mapping – Physical location of trees

Point layer representing the physical location of trees. Part of the City’s topographic mapping products, the data is collected from high resolution aerial photography. The data is a representation of the physical features that are visually identifiable in an aerial photograph.

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Excerpt Layer from the City’s topographic mapping products representing the physical location of trees.
Limitations Data is collected via automated extraction from aerial LiDAR using custom developed procedures using open source tools. The City is currently in the process of publishing these methodologies for public use. This code is deemed “in development” and therefore the quality/accuracy of the derived tree points layer will improve with time. Added/deleted/moved features may not be reflected in the dataset immediately due to operational constraints. Due to the inability to see features located close to tall buildings, or in areas of deep shadow; some features may not be collected. This data is not to be used as a substitute for a legal survey. The data is to be used for analysis and visualization purposes.
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