Traffic Cameras

The Traffic Camera dataset contains the location and number for every Traffic camera in the City of Toronto. These datasets will be updated within 2 minutes when cameras are added, changed, or removed.

The camera list files can be found at:

tmcearthcameras.csv - CSV, camera list in CSV
tmcearthcameras.json - json formatted list.
tmcearthcamerassn.json - json formatted file containing the timestamp of the list files.
tmcearthcameras.xml - xml formatted list.
TMCEarthCameras.xsd - xml schema document.

The dataset includes the number, name, WGS84 information (latitude, longitude), comparison directions (1- Looking North, 2-Looking East, 3-Looking South and 4-Looking West), and camera group.

The camera images associated with the dataset can be found at:

And the comparison images can be found at:

The camera image file name is created as follows:
loc####.jpg - where #### is the camera number. (i.e. loc1234.jpg)

The camera comparison image file names are created as follows:
loc####D.jpg - where #### is the camera number and D is the direction. (i.e. loc1234e.jpg and loc1234w.jpg)

The camera images are displayed on the City's website at

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