Traffic Volumes at Intersections for All Modes

The City of Toronto's Transportation Services Division collects traffic volume data across the city from a variety of sources for a number of purposes. This data generally takes one of two forms:

  • Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Counts: Segment-level volumes reflecting the total volume on a specific street moving in a specific direction (e.g. the total number of cyclists observed on Queen Street, heading Eastbound, just west of Dufferin Street)

  • Turning Movement Counts (TMCs): Movements observed at a specific intersection, typically indicating the total volume observed at each leg (i.e. North, South, East, or West) of the intersection and, if applicable, the observed turning movement by mode.

The data available in this repository are a full collection of TMCs across the City. These reflect the total volumes observed at specific intersections, segmented by direction of approach, turning movement (if applicable), and mode (car, truck, bus, pedestrian, cyclist, other).

Each TMC is comprised of data for a single day at a single location. A TMC typically includes data for a total of 8 non-continuous hours throughout the day, and the data is reported in a series of 15-minute intervals.

The data are available in three formats:

  • Count Metadata ( Metadata about each TMC

  • Count Locations ( Metadata about locations where a TMC has been conducted

  • Raw Data (raw-data-[decade].zip – latest raw counts by location, grouped by decade): Volumes by mode (car, truck, busy, pedestrian, cyclist, other), by direction of approach/leg of intersection (North, South, East, West), and movement where applicable, binned in 15-minute increments.

This dataset references the City of Toronto's Street Centreline dataset, Intersection File dataset, and Street Traffic Signal dataset.

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Excerpt This dataset includes all available Turning Movement Count traffic volume data observed at locations across the City. The data is separated by location, date of count, mode of transportation, direction, and movement pattern (if available).
Limitations The primary location identifier for this dataset is an internal location identifier. We also provide lat / long coordinates, as well a secondary location ID taken from the [Street Centreline]( layer; however, these additional location details may not be available for all TMCs. TMC data intervals may not be consecutive. For instance, if one interval starts at 9:30am, the next one in the dataset does not necessarily start at 9:45am. This is due to the collection process; some counts are conducted manually, with scheduled breaks in between collection periods.
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