Utility Cut Permits

The addresses and intersections provided in the file are references to the approximate locations of the Utility Cuts and do not represent the actual / specific locations. For more information, please visit the Utility Cut Permit Website

Permit Status:

  • PERMIT ISSUED: Application Approved - Permit Issued to Utility permission granted to carry out work
  • ENTERED: Permit application is active and no permit is issued yet
  • CANCELLED: Permit was cancelled due to various reasons
  • REFUSED/MCR-Noncompliant: Permit was refused due to various reasons
  • PLANNED: Utility Cut Examination completed, Planned restoration of sidewalk or Roadway resulting from Utility Cut activity
  • ACTIVE:Permanent restoration of sidewalk or Road in progress
  • COMPLETED: Permanent restoration work is completed
  • NO FURTHER WORK REQUIRED: No hard surface restoration work is required
  • UNDER WARRANTY/WARRANTY EXPIRED/POST WARRANTY INSPECTED/WARRANTY INSPECTION FAILED/PASSED: Various status of the permanent restoration work conducted by the Utility Companies

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Excerpt Locations in the City of Toronto where Utility Companies have been granted permission to perform excavations within the public right of way to perform utility maintenance work.
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