Web Map Services

The following published OGC compliant WMTS services facilitate access to live geospatial data from the City of Toronto. All WMTS services are in Web Mercator projection.

Orthorectified Aerial Imagery

The following dataset provides access to the most current geometrically corrected (orthorectified) aerial photography for the City of Toronto. Previous year Orthoimagery is available through the links provided below.

Historic Aerial Imagery

These datasets are all sourced from scans of the original black and white aerial photography. These images have not gone through the same rigorous process that current aerial imagery goes through to create a seamless orthorectified image, corrected for the changes in elevation across the City. Due to this, the spatial accuracy of these datasets varies across the City. Be aware that there are known issues with some regions of data due to issues with the source data. These datasets intended use is to show land use changes over time and other similar tasks. It is not suitable for sub-metre level accuracy feature collection and is provided “as-is”.

Aerial LiDAR - Hillshade

A hillshade is a hypothetical illumination of a surface by determining illumination values for each cell in a raster. It is calculated by setting a position for a hypothetical light source and calculating the illumination values of each cell in relation to neighboring cells. It can be used to greatly enhance the visualization of a surface for analysis or graphical display, especially when using transparency. The City of Toronto publishes hillshades in both bare earth (no above-ground features included), and full-feature. Bare Earth Full Feature

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