Bloor Street Bike Lanes Feedback Survey

Results of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes Feedback Survey #2, which was online for public input from December 13, 2016 to May 4, 2017, and received 14,078 completed responses.

In late August 2016, the City of Toronto installed bike lanes on Bloor Street West between Shaw Street (east of Ossington Avenue) and Avenue Road. The bike lanes were a pilot project to be monitored and evaluated for at least one year. Results will be reported to Council with recommendations on whether the pilot bike lanes should be maintained, modified, or removed.

This online feedback survey is a key part of the evaluation that recorded public perception of the bike lanes and their impacts and benefits to all street users, local businesses, and the community.

This survey is not a vote. Public and stakeholders opinions, along with technical and policy considerations will all be used to inform City staff recommendations and decisions to be made by City Council.

Respondents could choose to just do the "Short Answer" to record their level of support for the project and then skip to the last page, or to do additional optional questions. The full survey included multiple questions about issues based on recorded stakeholder type (e.g. only respondents who checked "Bicycle" in mode of travel question (Q5) saw the optional questions related to cycling perspective, and the same for drivers and business representatives).

The survey was available in English and Korean.

A small number of survey responses (less than a dozen) were received on paper or by phone, and entered in by City staff.

The data published here includes completed surveys only, i.e. respondents answered the required stakeholder type questions (Q1 & Q5) and key "Short Answer" opinion questions (Q6-8), and clicked "submit" on the last page.

To protect for privacy, open ended text answers have not been included in this open data set, except for the first three digits of postal code.

Businesses name and address responses are not included in results table, but are provided in a separate "List of Participating Businesses" spreadsheet independent of the opinions recorded.

The results include some additional columns of categorization and cleaning of data based on analysis by Public Consultation Unit staff. This included confirmation and cleaning of business address, ensuring people with disabilities were effectively counted (under [q5_trvl] Mobility Aid), added "Uber" to the "taxi" category, based on responses to Q5 "other" category, and added a "local" column for "residents" within postal codes M5R, M5S & M6G and "businesses" within 100m of the bike lane.

Further explanation in the readme file and available on request.

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Excerpt Results of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes Feedback Survey #2, which was online for public input from December 13, 2016 to May 4, 2017. The Bloor pilot bike lane was installed in late August 2016 from Shaw St. to Avenue Rd.
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