Water Billing by Ward

The annual amount of water billed in each ward is reported as well as the number of water accounts, both residential and commercial.

N.B. One cubic metre of water (m3) is 219.97 imperial gallons. Accounts with billing data less than 6,000m3/year are deemed to be residential and are billed on a tri-annual basis (For example a variety store would probably be considered "residential" ). Accounts with billing data greater than 6,000m3 per year are billed on a monthly basis and are deemed to be "commercial". Residential readings are taken three times a year and commercial readings are taken once a month. The data will be useful in trend analysis. Some accounts are not mapped to a political ward and therefore their consumption is not included. The excluded figures are small enough not to affect an overall trend analysis.

Ward - ward number

Year - calendar year in yyyy format

Residential Accounts - number of accounts deemed residential

Annual Residential Water Usage (m3) - annual residential usage in cubic metres (m3)

Average Residential Usage (m3) - computed as Annual Residential Usage / # Residential Accounts

Commercial Accounts - number of accounts deemed commercial

Annual Commercial Water Usage (m3) - annual commercial usage in cubic metres (m3)

Average Commercial Usage (m3) - computed as Annual Commercial Usage / # Commercial Accounts

Total Count - total annual residential usage

Total Consumption (m3) - total annual commercial usage

Average Consumption (m3) - computed as Total Consumption / Total Count

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Excerpt This dataset contains water billing data for the six former cities of the City of Toronto since 2000, extracted from the City's water billing system.
Limitations Flat-rate accounts in Etobicoke and Toronto are not included in this data.
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